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Melissa’s Before and After Weight Loss Story

Hi! My name is Melissa and I have lost 105 pounds! I have 4 beautiful girls and the most sweetest husband a girl can dream about. At my heaviest I was at 235 and as of right now hover around 125-127. I thank God for all of my hardships along the way to get me to this point. It has made me a strong and determined person.
Everyone has an a-ha moment when they get that click and know this is it. Mine was 3 weeks, after giving birth to my 2nd daughter, having my appendix removed and then 2 weeks after that, having to go to the ER for my gallbladder. My doctor saw me and said, “Melissa, you’re falling apart on me.” That was all it took. She was so right. Here, I had my little family and at the time was 24. What kind of example would I be to my girls living this way? Having no energy, low self-esteem, depressed, no confidence in myself living like a hermit in my apartment. Did I really want to be the mom, who was so young and just sit on the sidelines?

I believe that everything happens for a reason. There was a reason why I couldn’t get operated that night for my gall bladder and had to wait 2 months till surgery. When I left the hospital that one night, they put me on a clear liquid diet for about 3 days then had to follow a low fat diet till I got my surgery done. Well, I told myself that if I had to follow this diet, I might as well exercise 3 times a week and see how far that would take me. The more I did it, the more I loved how I felt about myself, I had tons of energy after my workouts, and watched what I ate. After the surgery, I had already lost about 20 pounds. I was excited just to be in the 190′s…lol. I kept up with my new lifestyle till I made it to 156, then came out pregnant. For the 3rd time… So I gained about 35 pounds this time around, which put me back at 190. This time, I wasn’t looking back.


I bought the Firm Transfirmer system with my sister in 2005 and we did it together. Even though we live cross country, we still call each other everyday and ask what workout we are doing for the day. Around 165, I joined 2 Herbalife Weight Loss Challenges and lost a total of 35 pounds. I lost another 15 on my own reaching my ultimate weight of 115 and came out pregnant AGAIN. Yes folks, for the 4th time. There has GOT to be a warning once you start losing weight and looking good. lmao So I gained 45 lbs and knew that since I had already lost weight before could do it again. Well, after I had Claire I needed some motivation to lose the baby weight after I held it for a year. I looked around for a WLC and found one at the Nutrition Stop and joined the 10 week class. It was the BEST thing I could have done for myself. Not only did I win 1st place, but I have found some of my closest friends in the past 6 months.

It may sound a little silly, but I feel like a butterfly that has just left the cocoon. I have so much confidence in myself and a drive like no other. In my journey, there have been many crossroads and turning points which have changed my outlook on life.

1) No more shy girl. Because of working at Curves, I have completely come out of my shyness and can actually come up to you and start a conversation, which is something I never, ever did when I was heavy.

2) Strong will: Dave eating a Bacon Cheeseburger and Chili Cheese Fries AFTER they just told me that I couldn’t have any fried foods, I was starving, and him having the decency to tell me to have strong will. I could have punched him in the face then. Now I thank him.

3)You only live once. That is my motto since my cousin passed away 3 years ago. He was gonna turn 27 when he died in a car accident. Life is way too short to let slip away and not enjoy it.

4) Being the best me I can be. Yes, I know it sounds cliché but it is so true. I always try to keep an open mind and strive to be that person I wish I had on my journey.

BOTTOM LINE: Anything is possible when you put your heart in it and don’t ever give up. Failure is not an option!

Key Motivator:
To lead by example and pay it forward.

Have a specific goal in mind. For me, it was to lose 2 lbs per week.
Stay committed and if you fall off the wagon get back on.
TRUST the process.

Current favorite weight loss products:
Herbalife Formula 1 “Wow” Shakes with Protein Drink Mix (210 cal, 24 Pro)
Raspberry Herbal Tea Concentrate
Body Contouring Cream

Melissa’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos

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